5 Reasons Why You're Always Tired

Why am I Always Tired??? - By Doctor Benji

The truth is we aren't sure exactly what is causing this problem. One thing is for sure though -- in just a few simple changes to our daily routine we can solve most of these problems!



I've fallen victim to this many times. Typically when it is too hot, our core body temperature rises and this causes us to either wake from sleep or toss and turn leading to us feeling groggy in the morning. We recommend between 67-71 as the ideal temperature for sleep. I even know people who go to great lengths to help them get a good night's sleep by sleeping naked. Sleeping naked essentially means there's less material on your skin, thus making it easier to lower your core body temperature. I personally don't like sleeping naked -- tried it -- never again lol. 


Changing your bed every decade may seem like it is unnecessary, but try saying that to The National Sleep Foundation, who recommends it. A temperpedic bed or a Sleep Number bed, while pricey, gives you the best sleep you can find. It's an investment but don't you think getting a good night's rest is important? HELLO!? It's vital to crushing your day! Pillows should be changed once every year or so because once the material wears down, your neck will have less support and this can lead to poor posture -- leading to an appointment with your local Chiropractor.


Exposing your eyes to light in the evening time diminishes the body from making melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you sleep. Don't be that person checking their Instagram laying in bed. Bed time should just be for bed time." - Says Dr. Sheila Tehrani O.D. , Optometrist in Los Angeles.  If you like, use a soft yellow bed lamp on your night stand and read a book. The less stimulation you have the better. Even for pregnant women, the importance of avoiding your phone or TV for at least an hour will help your body understand that bed time is near and to begin shutting it down. 


Dehydration has been known to sap energy levels. Over three out of four Americans are dehydrated every day! Try drinking at least 1L of water per day to prevent lapses in memory and increase in cognitive function. If you have difficulty drinking water, try adding MiO or NUUN (flavored vitamins) or sugar free Crystal Light for a little kick in flavor!


Yes, depression can affect the quality of sleep that we get. Depression can last weeks, months, or even years. Sleeping and eating patterns are affected and these symptoms of hopelessness, negativity, and unworthiness can send you in a downward spiral. If you're feeling depressed, try working out, talking to a close friend or family member about your feelings, seeking the help of a qualified professional, and listen to cheerful music. I think depression is VERY real. Personally, I feel a lot of medical students have suffered from depression at some point in their training due to a lack of social life. I've definitely felt low at times, as well. What got me out of my spell is by using guided meditation (Simple Habit app), working out, forcing myself to be social with my friends, and getting out of the house. 



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