Dr. Nima Shemirani


Dr. Nima Shemirani is a prestigious facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Nima secured a greatly-coveted fellowship with the globally-respected Glasgold Group in New Jersey, where he trained under some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. 

Dr. Nima devotes himself wholeheartedly to facial plastic surgery as it intertwines with his passion for art, his love for people and his extensive medical training. Dr. Nima utilizes a highly personalized approach and customizes each treatment plan to match his client’s personality, concerns, goals, and sensitivities. Dr. Nima shares his philosophy, “Natural beauty is more than just symmetry; it’s about proportion and personality. At Eos, the artistry is in creating beauty that matches with who you are.” Dr. Shemirani and Dr. Tehrani have joined forces to provide complimentary services at one convenient location. 

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