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 AmnioFix is an FDA-approved allograft which the latest non-operative injectable treatment. It consists of a material which is rich in anti-inflammatory cytokines and tissue inhibitors that help reduce swelling and pain. It also contains an abundance of nutrient-rich growth factors and cytokines that help induce healing and reduce scar tissue. The incredible feature which sets AmnioFix apart from other treatments is that it also attracts your body's own stem cells to the area of injury, which aids natural, organic regeneration.

Americans are enjoying golf, tennis, and jogging in record numbers and well into their senior years, posing a risk for chronic bone, joint, and muscle injuries. Over 50 million adults have been diagnosed with sports injuries and arthritis, leading to a need in regenerative medicine (AmnioFix) which allows our so-called "Weekend Warriors" to continue their leisure activities without the need for surgery.

AmnioFix does not contain stem cells. It contains 285 special growth factors and regulatory proteins that provides a signal for your body's repair mechanism to activate and begin healing the damaged tissue.

Our specialists treat it for a variety of conditions including:

* Achilles Tendonitis
* Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
* Metatarsalgia (Pain in the Ball of the Foot)
* Chronic Tendon Injuries
* Sports Injuries
* Ankle Sprains
* Non-healing Wounds

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