Doctor Benji helps choose quality shoes

While it’s true that certain shoes are very obviously not ideal for our feet, there are others that can make it under the radar. Some shoes seem to be perfectly okay, however, the level of support they provide to the feet can be subpar.

As an avid supporter of healthy feet, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani contributed to a recent article on the Who What Wear blog to offer his expert advice on the shoes to stock up on and those you should avoid.

He understands that choosing quality shoes is not so easy. To assist in the selection process, Doctor Benji offers a test you can perform anywhere. The “tilting test” can help you prevent serious foot issues from developing due to bad shoe choices.

To conduct the test, the first step is to place your shoes on a flat surface. It’s also important that the shoes are at eye-level which will make them easier to examine.

“When you place the shoe on the flat surface, run an imaginary line from the back of the shoe, all the way to the bottom. If the line is not perpendicular to the imaginary line with the flat surface, then you will see the shoe is tilting. The minute the shoe is beginning to tilt, you will need to replace the shoe because the shoe at that point will be holding your foot in the improper position,” explains Doctor Benji.

This simple test can be a great help to many who unknowingly wear shoes that negatively impact the health of their feet. Doctor Benji’s suggestion is to perform this test on all of your shoes, particularly the ones you wear most frequently.

He also gives some additional tips to consider when choosing new shoes for the winter season. You can read this advice in his recent feature on the Who What Wear blog. Will you incorporate some of these helpful recommendations when selecting your new footwear?

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