Doctor Benji, Rank My Shoes!

Doctor Benji took some time recently to curate his personally endorsed ranking list – the good, the bad and the HORRENDOUS! In the list, he offers explanations to back up his ranking assignment.

doctor benji

Wondering how your go-to shoes ranked? Take a peek below to see some feet-friendly kick picks.

Chunky Sneakers

Ranking: Excellent

Chunky shoes, aka Dad shoes, are all the rave now and happen to provide excellent support for your feet. Be sure that they are appropriately sized and the sky’s the limit. These are great options for people who spend long periods of time walking or standing.

Ankle Boots

Ranking: Great

Ankle boots completely disprove the notion that you can’t be stylish AND comfortable. These are closet staples for the work week and a night on the town. Leather styles are recommended in order to reduce the chance of blisters and provide optimal comfort. You can rest assured that wearing these will provide all the support you need in both the ankle joint and subtalar joint, compliments of that cute little ankle zipper that also serves killer aesthetics.


Ranking: Good

Mules are the perfect chic and comfy accessory. Not only do they complete any look with an air of sophistication that is befitting a queen, they’re also extremely convenient to slip into and out of. Perhaps what makes them most comfortable, is the lack of constriction against the back of the foot and the tendency for these shoes to have lower heels. That low heel height results in less pressure on the balls of your feet and thus, prevention of unwelcome inflammation.

You can read more of Doctor Benji’s advice featured in this recent article of Who What Wear. The article, which features suggestions on what shoes are best to avoid, also gives recommendations to achieve the pain-free fashion you’re going for. Style doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. It just needs to be smart!