Dr. Benji shares a few important facts for COVID-19

We’ve been dealing with the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 for weeks now and in a sea of misinformation, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • 80% of patients that have COVID-19 have mild symptoms
  • 14% are in the ICU
  • 6% are in critical condition
  • 1.28 million people reportedly affected (as of the recording date of this video, April 7, 2020)

Those numbers represent some hope in a bleak set of circumstances because they display the resiliency of most healthy individuals in combating the novel coronavirus.  Doctor Benji touches on an array of valuable topics as they relate to the current pandemic, but for those who don’t have the attention span, here is a quick rundown.

Global Updates

There was a decrease in Italy’s daily death toll for the first time in 2 weeks, which is welcomed news after weeks of soaring numbers.  China found antibodies of the virus in cats and while the CDC has not confirmed whether they are a threat to us at this time, here is Doctor Benji’s advice: stay away and don’t let them lick you. 

Smokers & COVID-10

Smoking affects the exchange of oxygen and CO2 and makes you more susceptible to the harmful symptoms of COVID-19.  If you’ve considered stopping before, now should be the time to convince you.

Hospital Procedures

Updates in-hospital procedures include screening upon entry, no patient visitors and more stringent birthing room practices for expectant mothers and their spouses.


LA is currently still experiencing a shortage of N95 masks. This is a great time for anyone who can assist in connecting the dots between suppliers and those most in need. There should also be stricter governmental guidelines surrounding the acquirement and distribution of needed protective gear.

Testing Numbers

President Trump has been touting a misguided interpretation of our testing numbers that gravely exploits the facts. It’s important to analyze information and not take all news for face value.

Stay tuned for more chats from Doctor Benji from a genuine and experienced perspective. He’ll be closely updating the Kings Point Foot & Ankle community during this time. Of course, continue to wash your hands, wear PPE when going outdoors, and above all, be safe!