Dr. Tehrani explains how to protect the feet during COVID-19

The COVID-19 took the world into a new direction. The everyday lifestyle of everyone has significantly changed. People try to follow the preventative recommendation provided by WHO carefully. Washing the hands often for 20 seconds, keeping a safe physical distance, and wearing a mask when going out are just a few of the new habits people try to live with today.

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani has closely followed how the COVID-19 situation has progressed. To help the community understand the gravity of the recommended precautions, Dr. Tehrani shared several videos talking about important coronavirus facts.

In a recent article shared on the Apartment Prepper blog, Dr. Tehrani extended his expertise to explain how feet protection and shoe disinfection can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the guest article, Dr. Tehrani volunteered to provide detailed answers to a few questions that remained floating in one of the previous articles.

During the COVID-19 developments, numerous speculations have stated that some coronavirus symptoms occur in the foot. There is still no firm evidence that connects the foot with the coronavirus symptoms. However, Dr. Tehrani recalls one patient who experienced toe pain after experiencing flu-like symptoms. A purple discoloration marked the toe pain.

“So far, what we know is that it causes pain in the toes along with a purple discoloration sometimes seen in a vascular disorder called Raynaud’s phenomenon. Currently, these symptoms are subsiding on their own without the use of any medication. I’ve been encouraging all patients to speak to their local Podiatrists about any of the above symptoms,” explains Dr. Tehrani.

Further, in the article, Dr. Tehrani addressed another essential question: how to keep the home risk free since shoes can track the virus. In his answer, Dr. Tehrani introduced a heightened awareness of choosing different footwear for inside and outside of the home. Moreover, he recommends using disinfecting spray on the floors inside the homes once per week. Floor disinfection is crucial if there are kids or babies in the house who can spread germs by playing and crawling.

“Currently, we understand that the viral cells of COVID-19 are capable of being transmitted from our shoes, so take every precaution to encourage your family to be vigilant about keeping the floors clean and your designated shoes inside the house,” adds Dr. Tehrani.

On the question, if the five-second rule is applicable in the coronavirus situation, Dr. Tehrani recommends disobeying this rule altogether.

“I’ve spent years rotating at hospitals in Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, and infectious diseases of the lower extremity. You don’t realize the millions of bacterial, viral, and fungal cells that line our floors, bathrooms, sinks, gyms, and pools. It’s just not worth it,” Dr. Tehrani explains.

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