Dr. Tehrani ranks the at-home shoes from best to worst

So far, 2020 has been full of curveballs that forced people to make significant adjustments to the way they socialize, work, and of course, the way they dress. After enduring months of stay-at-home orders, people replaced the official work attire with comfortable and casual apparel. As expected, the new work-from-home wardrobes required change in the footwear too.  

As an experienced and profoundly knowledgable podiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani was asked to share his expert opinion on the best shoes to wear at home. The editors of “Who What Wear“, an international fashion company, turned to Dr. Tehrani for his expertise on shoe styles that best support the overall feet health. Moreover, along with shoe recommendation, Dr. Tehrani also pointed out the pros and cons of walking barefoot at home. 

According to Dr. Tehrani, supportive sandals or slides give the best support and comfort for the feet. In his expert opinion, sandals like Birkenstock providing the best support in the arches.

“They have a soft footbed that has an integrated latex foam cushion that molds to your feet the more you walk in them,” explains Dr. Tehrani.

As more people tend to walk barefoot at home, Dr. Tehrani strongly recommends doing so in moderation. Barefoot standing or walking for long hours places immense pressure on the heels, arches, and balls of the fee. 

“Even if you’re in excellent shape, spending hours on your feet without support can lead to many foot, knee, and hip soft-tissue impairments! In those instances where I know I’m going to be on my feet for more than a half-hour, I prefer to wear sandals, such as Powersteps or Vionic, which have built-in orthotics that support your arches,” says Dr. Tehrani.

For people whose feet sweat more, Dr. Tehrani recommends wearing cotton socks as an alternative to bare feet that offers flexibility and breathability.

“Cotton is also thicker and provides more comfort for your feet, especially for people who can’t stand wearing sandals or slippers around the house,” adds Dr. Tehrani.

As the least comfortable shoes that anyone should avoid, Dr. Tehrani lists the famous flip flops. Due to their flimsy and unsupportive characteristics, wearing flip flops can result in flattened arches that adversely impact the feet. According to Dr. Tehrani, this shoe’s bendable nature is precisely what makes it the wrong choice for the feet.

Check out the article on the Who What Wear blog to see the full list of recommended shoes. For help with any foot pain or discomfort, schedule an appointment today with LA’s top-rated podiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani.