Foot Massages to Improve Your Health

Sure, everyone loves the feeling of receiving a massage, but what about using foot massages to improve your health? Areas of your feet actually correspond to specific organs, glands and entire systems. Reflexology is the study and use of this interconnection to improve your entire body. 

It is based on principles found within ancient Chinese medicine. However, Western culture has also embraced it.

getting a foot massage to improve your health

According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, every being has a Qi that flows through them. This Qui is made of opposing forces. Referred to as yin and yang, these opposing forces can be accessed and balanced through reflex points.

The feet contain a dense network of these reflex points. They can help restore proper function between the connected yin and yang forces of the body.

Let’s explore some of the ways we can utilize foot massages to improve your health. 

Massage the tips of your toes to relieve headaches

A 2018 study showed that this practice could also improve cognition and oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin has shown to be important in mother/infant bonding, anxiety management, trust development, effective communication, empathy, and arousal. As a result, oxytocin it known as the love hormone.

Apply pressure to the area directly below your second and third toes for improved eye health

This reflexology point is located on the underside of both feet. Focus on the right foot to improve the health of your left eye. Conversely, focus on the left foot to improve the health of your right eye. Press in an up and down motion for 15 to 30 seconds at a time throughout the day.

Focus on the balls of your feet to help combat asthma and have better lung health overall

Since reflexology can help rid the body of physical stress, it can be a powerful combatant to inflammation. Inflammation occurs in response to the overproduction of stress hormones. For instance, during an asthma attack, your body will produce these hormones. In turn air passageways become inflamed.

Spend time massaging the outside area of your heels to alleviate chronic knee pain

If you suffer from knee pain, it can pay off to get better acquainted with foot massages to improve your health. Use the knuckle of your index finger to firmly rub the area outside your heels for 60 second intervals three times daily.

As you venture into new territory for your wellness practices, remember that only consistency will produce results. Reflexology has been used as a vital aspect of Chinese medicine since the 2nd century BC. Moreover, reflexology has been proven as an effective form of treatment to promote internal balance.

Of course, should you have concerns that you feel require the assistance of a professional, Doctor Benjamin Tehrani is here to help. Schedule a consultation today for any foot problem you may be experiencing.