Healthy Legs Podcast featured Dr. Benjamin Tehrani

Doctor Benji, the founder of Kings Point Foot & Ankle and LA’s top podiatrist, was recently a guest on the Healthy Legs podcast. Dr. Benji provided an insight into podiatry and shared his inspiration for pursuing a career in this field.



During the interview, he shared that he comes from a family of doctors and surgeons, but that his attraction to podiatry stemmed from his own mother’s experience as a person with diabetes.

“My mom happens to be diabetic, so I got into the podiatry world for her, I learned a lot about her ailments, and that’s how I got started,” shared Doctor Benji.

Today, he is the owner of two private practices in Los Angeles, and it seems as serendipity played a role in how his career unfolded. The majority of Dr. Benji’s patients are diabetic patients that he gladly assists in remedying any foot problems experienced as a result of diabetic foot

Doctor Benji’s passion for podiatry is evident during the interview. Moreover, he expressed his desire to educate others, amongst other correlated ambitions, to serve his patients better.

Today, most patients consider themselves educated because of the increased availability of information online. However, Dr. Benji firmly believes it’s crucial for a person who experiences foot pain or any foot, to seek professional input.

To improve his availability to both local and global patients, Dr. Benji mentions that he has recently expanded into the realm of Telemedicine, which offers him an opportunity to serve more patients without the limitations of location. 

To learn more about LA’s top podiatrist and how he became one, watch the full episode!