New podcast: Doctor Benji addresses foot complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, full of joy and excitement, but it is also a period filled with various changes. From emotional to physical, these changes can impact the mother-to-be in many different ways. 

foot pain

One of the most common irritations during pregnancy is foot pain. Typically, the foot pain is a simple side effect of the pregnancy, and it usually goes away without seeking treatment. However, visiting a foot specialist can immensely help to alleviate the pain.

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani fully understands how uncomfortable foot pain be, especially during pregnancy. To help pregnant ladies feel better, he talked about the most common foot and ankle complications that occur in pregnant women in one of his podcasts.

What’s causing the foot pain?

An expecting mother is likely experiencing foot pain due to a common foot condition experienced during pregnancy, edema. Edema characterizes with swelling caused by the raised hormone levels.

The body physically needs the extra fluid to carry nutrients to the baby. The extra fluid may cause swelling in different body areas. However, if the woman feels swelling in face and hands accompanied by blurred vision, constant headaches, and weight gain of more than a pound per day, she needs medical attention. Together these symptoms point to preeclampsia, a serious medical condition related to high blood pressure.

Some preventative tips for reducing swelling:

  • Avoid salty foods
  • Drink less caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea
  • Elevate the feet
  • Lay on side
  • Consume plenty of fluids
  • Maintain light exercise

Another common irritation that many pregnant women experience is varicose veins, also known as spider veins. While they are primarily a cosmetic nuisance, varicose veins can also cause the legs to ache, itch or feel heavier than normal. To elevate this annoyance, Dr. Tehrani recommends wearing compression socks or stockings to treat varicose veins at home.

Later in the pregnancy, as the body begins to prepare for delivery, the level of ligamentous laxity increases, contributing to numerous issues such as plantar fasciitis, or heel pain.

In his remarkable career, Dr. Tehrani has helped many pregnant ladies enjoy their pregnancy with no foot pain at all. The following list features recommendations that Dr. Benji gladly shares with every expecting mother:

  •  Stretching
  • Ice bottle rolls
  • Anti-inflammatory topical medication
  • Powerstep sandals/slippers

To get more info on how to avoid foot pain during pregnancy, feel free to book an appointment with one of the best LA podiatrists, Dr. Tehrani.

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