Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis, or heel spur syndrome, is a common condition that affects the plantar fascia, a thick tissue located at the bottom of the foot between the toes and the heel, which supports the foot’s arch. This painful, overuse condition is usually caused by repetitive stress or tension on the plantar fascia, or by stretching of the muscles and ligaments that support the arch.

Plantar Fasciitis can occur in anyone, but it most often happens among individuals who spend most of their days standing or walking, and among people who run for exercise, since these activities can cause irritation or small tears.

The symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis include a pain on the bottom of the heel while walking, and increased pain when first standing up in the morning or after longer periods of rest. If a chronic inflammatory process continues, a heel spur may develop as well. The condition can affect one, or both feet at the same time.

Non-surgical treatments for Plantar Fasciitis include rest, bracing, avoidance of excessive exercise, ice application, anti-inflammatory medications or corticosteroids, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more. If these techniques don’t improve the condition, surgery may be indicated to relive tension on the plantar fascia.

The Plantar Fasciitis surgical procedure involves a release of the plantar fascia from the heel bone, and removing any bone spur that is present. A patient undergoing this surgery can go home shortly after the procedure.

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