Spring Shoe Trends: Doctor Benji-Approved

As you’re shopping for the changing seasons, style may be at the forefront of your mind. However, when diving into new spring shoe trends, comfort should most definitely be a factor.

What use is looking good if you don’t feel good? That’s exactly why Doctor Benjamin Tehrani took some time to guide Bobby Schuessler of “Who What Wear” on trends that don’t sacrifice fashion for pain.

As a trusted pain relief expert, Doctor Benji believes that proactivity is key. Our footwear can often be the culprits of many of the challenges that we face on our feet.

Here are some of his spring picks to keep you comfy and chic.

Slide Sandals

Source: Who What Wear

“Some slides like those by Sam Edelman are supportive and provide high quality in their craft. I also love slides made by Hoka, which are light, supportive, breathable, and have a heel-drop, which feels unusual at first, but the heel-drop actually relieves your calves. I always try to wear these in the morning after my Peloton bike rides, and they have yet to disappoint,” says Doctor Benji.

Retro Sneakers

Source: Who What Wear

“It all depends on the type of sneaker. I’d say the New Balance retro sneakers are the most supportive while also being trendy. Air Jordans are also comfortable and supportive shoes.”

Cushioned Flip-Flops

Source: Who What Wear

“So not all flip-flops are created equal. Cushioned flip-flops such as those made by Vionic have a built-in orthotic, and this reduces stress on your feet, ankles, and knees and provides the best shock absorption.”

Sandals With an Ankle Strap

Source: Who What Wear

“Strappy sandals are nice because the strap helps hold our ankle and rearfoot in place, and this acts like a seatbelt which helps prevent the ankle from instability. When you’re wearing the strap, the farther back the strap, the greater the ankle support. This is also beneficial to help prevent severe ankle sprains.” 

Now you’re all set to enjoy the warmer days with Doctor Benji’s list of spring shoe trends. As a top-rated Foot Doctor in Los Angeles, Doctor Benji is more than happy to help people lead healthier lives by starting with their feet!

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