Patty D.

Received an injection and was very pleased at the outcome. Was not as painful as expected.

Abigail G.

Loved the time and attention all you dedicated to me. I fully understand what was treated.

Diego M.

Great ass Dr

Tino V.

Very good experience I’ve had

Maria A.

Doctor explained step by step the procedure of the ingrown toe nail

Randy L.

I could barely walk on my one foot. It was so sensitive to walk barefoot. Dr. Ben suggested a Juvaderm treatment to plump up the area on the bottom of my foot that was so tender. I immediately felt the difference, and wishing 45 minutes I was walking more comfortably-it really made a big difference in my mobility. Thank you Dr. Ben for your good care and gentle touch!

Gia K.

Amazing Dr.

Karina K.

Thanks dr. Tehrani. He is very knowledgeable and I am happy, that after right treatment I am free of ankle pain. I highly recommend to visit dr. Tehrani with your ankle or foot problem.