A bunionectomy that completely changed Mrs. Patty’s life

Mrs. Patty Dewberry came in with several complaints of the left foot. She suffered severe debilitating pain from a bunion as well as symptoms of an aroma between her third and fourth toes. Moreover, she had a hammertoe that kept rubbing on her shoe that did not allow her to walk normally.


During her appointment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, she explained that because of the pain caused by the rubbing, she had to stay home from work some days.  As a very active woman, Mrs. Patty was going through a debilitating pain because she was not able to do her favorite activities.

Dr. Tehrani performed a bunionectomy, in addition to using an implant to straighten the second toe. During the procedure, he also removed inflammation in her nerve between her third and fourth toes. 

After taking three days off from work, Mrs. Patty gladly went back to work full-time. She was happy to share that she did not experience any pain after about three days from the date of her surgery. Moreover, Mrs. Patty was able to walk immediately in a walking boot.

“This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life”
Patty Dewberry

Thrilled that her painful agony was over, she said that the appointment with Dr. Tehrani and undergoing the bunionectomy have been among the best decisions she made in her life.

As an experienced and compassionate podiatrist, Dr. Tehrani wanted to help Mrs. Patty feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Moreover, he helped her understand that even though she is a person with diabetes, she would successfully achieve full recovery.