A combination of toe surgery and Nerve Assist brought Margarita on her feet again

Margarita is a lovely woman who we had a pleasure to meet under unfortunate circumstances. She experienced a terrible accident at work that left her toes injured and in excruciating pain. A forklift ran over her left foot. As a result of the massive incident, he suffered multiple deformed toes and multiple areas of arthritis.

Moreover, a few of her toes were sideways, and she could not bend her big toe without significant pain.

Her search for a doctor and solution brought her to Kings Point Foot and Ankle. She had an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani. After the thorough examination of her toes, Dr. Benji recommended proceeding with a surgery that would straighten her toes.

“I performed surgery to straighten her toes, fix her fractures, and refused her big toe joints to give her relief. She is now close to one year after her surgery with me and has 90% pain relief,” explained Dr. Tehrani.

Due to the severity of the injury, Margaret also suffered from nerve pain. After trying a few different treatment options, Dr. Benji prescribed Nerve Assist. Nerve Assist is a potent nerve protection vitamin supplement that he had developed to help patients fight nerve pain.

“She also started taking Nerve Assist about three months ago. Now she states she went from about 70% to 90% pain relief after taking this twice daily for two months,” said Dr. Tehrani. 

We couldn’t be happier for Margarita. We sincerely hope that soon she will experience no pain at all and be back to enjoying life to the fullest.

Dr. Benji is ready to help you, too, if you experience any toe or ankle problem. He is one of the best podiatrists in LA, with offices in two locations. Schedule an appointment at the most convenient location for you and put a stop to your toe or ankle problems.