A few pairs of orthotic inserts for flat feet helped Natalie walk painlessly

Natalie, a charming young lady, became our friend and patient because of the troubling flat feet. She had been struggling with this problem for 15 years. Her condition got worse and more complicated after she became a mom and had to spend many hours standing taking care of the baby.

Not only that Natalie had difficulty walking long distances, but she also experienced problems while performing work and home-related activities.

flat feet

As a result of Dr. Benjamin Tehranis remarkable reputation for making excellent and highly effective orthotic inserts, Natalie made an appointment to take care of the flat feet issue. After a thorough examination and considering all factors, Dr. Tehrani created several pairs of orthotic inserts for Natalie. The inserts were suitable for both flats and high heels and were the perfect fit for Natalie’s everyday activities. 

The orthotic inserts are hugely beneficial as they help in recreating the arch, thus, taking tension off the tendons and ligaments that bear immense stress because of the flat feet.

Natalie works as a full-time accountant for KPMG and is always on the go, sometimes traveling internationally for work. Today, she is excited that she has inserts to wear for almost all her favorite shoes and painlessly enjoy walking all distances with her baby.