After a nerve damage surgery, Hans is able to walk pain-free again

Nerve damage is an excruciating condition that severely impacts one’s lifestyle. 

For Hans, the nerve damage in his right foot prevented him from talking his dogs to a relaxing walk. Since that was his tradition for decades, he was inevitably saddened.

nerve damage

Unfortunately, Hans had an accident on a parkin lot when a vehicle ran over his foot. He suffered nerve damage that caused him an immense amount of discomfort and pain. 

Looking for a solution, he came across Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, one of the top podiatrists in LA. He had his appointment with Dr. Benji immediately. After a thorough examination, Dr. Benji recommended proceeding with stem cell injections and extensive physical therapy in the office.

Understanding the severity of his injury and the importance of following Dr. Benji’s orders, Hans calmly went through his recovery period. After three months of extensive physical therapy, Hans was able to walk with no pain at all. 

“I am proud to say that three months after his surgery he’s able to walk his dogs again and walk free of pain,” said Dr. Benji.