After a week of treatment with Nerve Assist, Victor’s ankle inflammation is almost gone

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Benji had a patient who stubbed his big toe and sprained his ankle in a trauma event. He also had diabetes, which made his treatment slightly complicated.

nerve assist

When he came for his appointment, Victor, an endearing man, had a troubling pain in his ankle caused by the sprain and the inflammation. After the careful examination of Victor’s foot and considering his overall health condition, Dr. Benji recommended a simple yet highly effective treatment. He placed Victor’s foot in a boot to keep both leg and foot stable and prescribed Nerve Assist.

One week later, Victor had a follow-up appointment where he cheerfully said that about 80% of his pain is already gone.

“Since I’ve started the treatment, the recommendation, the boot, everything is going much better, especially the inflammation. The inflammation is pretty much gone,” said Victor in his video testimonial.

He took Nerve Assist twice a day, and he feels much better only a week after his treatment started. He also said that Nerve Assist has helped him feel more energetic throughout the day.

Thrilled that his foot is almost back to normal, he gladly accepted the invitation to share his experience through a video.

We are happy that Victor is getting better, and that soon he will be able to walk again with no pain at all.