Custom made orthotics helped Durrani walk with no pain again

Durrani visited our office because she had been experiencing terrible pain in the ball of her feet. As a result of wearing high heels and stilettos daily, she started feeling uncomfortable while performing her daily activities and duties.

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Unfortunately, the pressure laced on the ball of her feet caused painful inflammation and tenderness. Unable to complete her everyday activities, Durrani turned to Dr. Benjamin Tehrani for help.

As an experienced and profoundly knowledgeable podiatrist, Dr. Tehrani understood Durrani’s problem in only a couple of minutes. However, he did a thorough examination to make sure that nothing was overseen.

Luckily, Durrani’s problem was easily solvable. Dr. Tehrani created a custom orthotic with extra padding in the area near the ball of the foot. The goal of the extra padding is to relieve the pressure placed on the ball of the feet. As a result, Durrani can now walk with no pain and with a big smile. Since the orthotics are also suitable for flats, Durrani can now enjoy long walks with no worries at all.

Moreover, Dr. Tehrani added an area in the heel that will hug her stilettos and prevent her from slipping.

Thank you for trusting us, Durrani. We wish you many blissful walks in your favorite stilettos! 🙂