Dr. Benjamin Tehrani successfully fixed Heather’s broken toe

Heather is a dear patient of Dr. Tehrani’s who one day, was walking barefooted at home and stubbed her pinky toe against the sofa, breaking and dislocating the toe. She was in severe pain and could hardly walk.

broken toe

As an active and energetic woman, Heather felt extremely uncomfortable with the newly developed condition. She does yoga at least four times a week. She is also a former Playboy playmate and spends most of her time in high heels. The broken toe now presented a considerable problem. She had multiple photo shoots and events she had to attend, not including modeling gigs that she did not want to miss. Heather continued performing all of her duties even though it was intensively painful.

Luckily, she found Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, and she had an appointment with one of the top LA’s podiatrist. Being an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable podiatrist, Dr. Tehrani immediately recommended the most suitable treatment course.

The fracture was so severe that Dr. Tehrani’s first recommendation was to perform toe surgery. However, due to Heather’s tight working schedule, Dr. Tehrani decided to proceed with conservative treatment.

He successfully placed Heather’s toe back into the correct position and placed her leg in a boot. Additionally, Dr. Tehrani performed massage therapy techniques to allow the surrounding tendons to relax. During her treatment, Dr. Tehrani also used CBD cream and other natural remedies to smoothly relieve the pain and swelling.

Moreover, Dr. Tehrani gave Heather a knee scooter to stay off her foot for two weeks. Heather made a full recovery without pain. She is now back to practicing yoga and continued with her extensive workouts without any setbacks. Heather was back to her usual level of activity within four weeks of dislocating her toe. How amazing is that? 🙂