From a throbbing toe pain to a happy life with the help of Nerve Assist and Nerve Assist Freeze Gel

Detecting the source of a patient’s pain can be a real challenge. As a remarkably skilled and exceedingly experienced podiatrist, Doctor Benji knows how to overcome every challenge and give the patient their life back.

When Zbeyga Aremi had an appointment with Doctor Benji, she was in troubling pain on the top of her second toe joint. Before visiting Kings Point Foot & Ankle, Zbeyga had three different doctors examining her toe and foot. She received treatment with antibiotics for gout. However, her pain was still present, and her condition got even more complicated. She also had swelling in the foot, which made her walking painful and almost impossible.

After a thorough examination, Doctor Benji found the real source of the pain. Zbeyga had hypermobility syndrome that had caused issues in her foot. 

Joint hypermobility syndrome is a condition when a person has too much flexibility in the joints and can move them beyond their normal range of movement. While in athletes, it is considered an advantage, this condition can cause painful problems in many people. 

It is most common in children and adolescents and tends to lessen with age. In many people, joint hypermobility is of no medical consequence and commonly does not give rise to symptoms.

As a result of the joint hypermobility syndrome, Zbeyga had been placing extra pressure on the ball of the foot, which had lead to a stress fracture that had been undiagnosed for two months. 

After discovering the real problem, Doctor Benji prescribed two months of treatment with Nerve Assist to combat the inflammation, Nerve Assist Freeze Gel to cool the area and relieve the pain, and placed her foot in a walking boot to take the weight off of the foot. 

Excited that she has the proper treatment and that her pain is starting to subside, Zbeyga wrote a lovely review expressing her gratitude and appreciation.

Best best best best doctor ever! Beyond extraordinary, and when you guys go to see him, you’ll see that I’m right!

Highly recommend! I’ve been to 2 hospitals and almost 3 doctors for my foot they misdirected me with the wrong medicines and they even told me things that I don’t even have. 

I’ve been in pain for like almost 3 weeks and still didn’t know what was going on with my foot or what was causing my swelling or my pain until I saw Dr. Benjamin. He immediately found out what I had and gave me an answer and made my heart so happy that I don’t have anything bad. 

He explained everything to me step by step and he answered all my questions and he came out right away with a cure for my foot, and he also gave me really good vitamins that worked really well. You guys should definitely ask for the vitamins he has. Also, the lady that works on the front was very helpful and super nice. They’re all perfect. Highly recommend. Everyone was helpful and nice. Good stuff!