From big toe arthritis to a smiling and happy person

The big toe arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints in the big toe. People who suffer big toe arthritis experience tenderness, achiness, and joint pain. In time, the big toe arthritis can also cause a burning sensation that may be a sign of nerve pain or neuropathy.

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani is an experienced podiatrist who has successfully treated arthritic toe numerous times.

toe surgery

One of his recent patients had severe arthritis in her big toe. As a result of the long time living with arthritis, her joint started to degenerate, which triggered the bone spurs’ occurrence. Moreover, her toe underwent a deformity and developed a big bump that made her walking in shoes unbearable.

“This is a patient named Claudia, who had severe arthritis in her big toe. It got to a point where she could hardly walk on her foot. She was a very busy woman. However, due to arthritis, she had a bump in her big toe that would rub against nearly all of her shoes. This made it very difficult for her to get through her day without experiencing pain,” said Dr. Benji.

Claudia decided to put a stop to the pain, and she made an appointment with Dr. Benji. Led by his extensive experience, Dr. Benji knew that surgery would be the best treatment for Claudia.

He performed the procedure, and the outcome was more than successful. Claudia felt the immediate pain relief and finally had a happy face.

After the surgery, she would be able to enjoy wearing her favorite stilettoes or running shoes and enjoy once again the pain-free life she had before arthritis.

If you feel something unusual in your toes, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Benji, LA’s top-rated podiatrist. He will take care of your problem and help you enjoy life with healthy feet and toes!