George had his bone fractures repaired just in time for the Veterans Triathlon

One of his favorite events is the Veterans Triathlon, where he competes every year. The event is a significant gathering for veterans from all over the country as it allows them to see each other, compete, have fun, and celebrate life.

bone fractures

George had several bone fractures. The condition was severe, and he was in gruesome pain. Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, one of the best LA podiatrists, recommended proceeding with a surgery that would address all bone fractures at once.

Impressed by Dr. Tehrani’s knowledge and skills, George felt confident that he was the right doctor to help him heal in time for the annual gathering.

Dr. Tehrani and his team performed the foot surgery, and the recovery period was flawless.

Rather than decide against participating in the Veterans Triathlon due to rehabilitation, George made it a goal to get back on his feet just in time for competing.

We feel profoundly honored to have helped such a fantastic person and a United States Army Veteran.