Help without compromise: a bilateral bunion surgery for Taylor to give her life back

Bunions are foot deformities that can cause raw pain and difficulty walking. People of all ages are prone to developing bunions. However, individuals who wear restricted and cramped footwear are more likely to develop a bunion or two.

One of our recent patients, Taylor Vennel, had developed a bunion that had severely impacted her life. As an exceedingly active person, Taylor had experienced a significant lifestyle change because of the bunion.

She hasn’t been able to do anything without pain that, unfortunately, increased over time. Taylor had to pause her favorite activities: running, jogging, and Boot Camp classes.

Luckily, Taylor found Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, one of LA’s top podiatric doctors. She had an appointment with him during which she felt relieved as she believed Dr. Benji had the solution to her problem.

Dr. Benji diagnosed her with bunion and recommended bunion surgery. Impressed with Dr. Benji’s professional connection with her as a patient, Taylor decided to proceed with the surgery. 

The surgery was a success. Dr. Benji corrected the alignment of the big toe bone and repaired the soft tissue surrounding it. Six weeks after the bunion surgery, Taylor had a follow-up appointment, and she experienced no pain at all while walking. She was able to walk barefoot without significant issues. 

To boost her recovery process, Dr. Benji also recommended treatment with Nerve Assist. According to Taylor, she has never felt better, and she feels ready to continue her life with no pain and no discomfort!