Juana’s story: From walking with assistance to walking by herself with Nerve Assist treatment

Living with pain is an exhausting experience. The pain completely alters a person’s life and causes extreme discomfort.

Doctor Benji has always focused on providing the best pain relief solution to each patient who visits Kings Point Foot & Ankle. Led by his compassion to help people, Doctor Benji steadily worked on Nerve Assist, a uniquely formulated powerful supplement designed to address all chronic pain.

One of his recent patients had struggled with arthritis for a long time. She also experienced painful cramps in her muscles. Unfortunately, due to the severity of her condition, she had to use a front-wheel walker for over a decade.


After her appointment with Doctor Benji, she finally found true relief in her life. Doctor Benji recommended the Nerve Assist treatment as the most effective solution for her condition.

Two weeks into treatment, and Juana is already on her road to a pain-free life. She cheerfully said that about 50% of her pain is gone during her follow-up appointment. Moreover, Juana shared that she experiences less burning pain in her back and knees. Additionally, she happily shared the great news that she is slowly becoming less and less reliant on her front-wheel walker.

With the help of Doctor Benji and Nerve Assist, Juana is strongly getting back on her feet. We are thrilled to see her improvement that brought a joyous smile to her face.

If you experience any pain or discomfort, contact us right away to book an appointment with Doctor Benji, a top LA podiatrist and pain relief expert.