Life-saving foot surgery helped Mr. Valentino enjoy life again

Mr. Valentino was boating one day, and his feet became wet over the entire day while in his shoes. He did not dry his feet for over 12 hours, and at some points, his feet were submerged underwater for several minutes at a time. Being diabetic, he developed a bacterial infection, which he ignored because he wasn’t able to feel his feet.

diabetic foot

Unfortunately, his condition got even worse. He developed necrotizing fasciitis, which is a type of flesh-eating bacteria. Due to the complexity and severity of his condition, he required over eight surgeries, numerous skin grafts, and extensive wound care treatments to save his leg.

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, one of LA’s top podiatrists, combined his profound knowledge and remarkable skills to deliver a successful outcome for Mr. Valentino. As a devoted podiatrist, he didn’t stop until Mr. Valentino’s life was out of danger.

Now, over two years after the incident, Mr. Valentino is back to his cabinetry business, which he owns and operates. Moreover, he feels empowered with the knowledge needed to prevent foot infections in the future.