Nerve Assist helped Florida to get back to normal life after her ankle injury

Ankle injuries can immensely change a person’s life. Florida Ruiz, a lovely lady, had experienced a painful ankle injury that forced her to change many things in her life.

Unfortunately, a metal door crushed her left ankle. Terrified by the thought of undergoing surgery, Florida was avoiding a doctor’s visit. However, when her pain became unbearable, she made an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani.

As a result of the ankle injury, Florida had a partially ruptured ligament. She also has diabetes, which only made her more anxious about having surgery.

nerve assist

After Dr. Tehrani carefully examined her ankle, he recommended Nerve Assist, an organic approach to nerve pain. He recommended the Nerve Assist treatment for three months.

After the treatment, Florida had a follow-up appointment where she happily said that all of her pain has resolved. Moreover, she finally had the strength and ability to move freely and get back to her daily living activities.

Excited by the Nerve Assist treatment’s effectiveness, Florida said she would gladly recommend Dr. Benji and Nerve Assist to her mother and sister in Mexico.

She also shared her experience with a video that shows her exuberance with Dr. Benji and Nerve Assist.