“Nerve Assist is fantastic,” said Jodi after his ankle treatment

Jodi injured his right ankle and his nerve suffered damage that has caused pain along the inside part of the ankle. 

After struggling with the pain for a while, Jodi visited Kings Point Foot & Ankle for an appointment with Dr. Benji. Fortunately, the examination revealed no bone fracture or ligament tear. However, Jodi still experienced troubling pain that had been causing him discomfort.

Dr. Benji recommended Nerve Assist to help the nerve heal. As Jodi said in his video testimonial, he is not eager to take medications but he trusted Dr. Benji and decided to give Nerve Assist a try.

One month later, Jodi is about 60% better than before the Nerve Assist treatment. According to his review, his pain is controlled and his ankle feels much better. Moreover, the vitamins have helped him improve his overall immune system and he feels more benefits than he expected. 

“The sky seems to be bluer, the grass seems to be a little bit greener and for some reason, I taste things a lot better. I like it, the stuff works well for me. Nerve Assist is fantastic.”


Nerve Assist is a powerful supplement made by healthy, all-natural, and organic ingredients that nourish the nervous system and connective tissues, thus decreasing the annoying symptoms and nerve pain.
To learn more about Nerve Assist, visit https://www.nerveassist.com/.