Nerve Assist to the rescue after Carlos’s painful car accident

Nerve Assist is a powerful supplement that successfully combats nerve pain and inflammation. Carlos is a person who can attest to this fact.

Last year, he was involved in a car accident that left him with constant pain in the left heel and medial ankle. Since then, Carlos has been living with a troubling pain in the morning and at the end of the day. He was even limited in performing his daily activities.

After suffering more than enough, he decided to put a stop to his pain. Unfortunately, he visited several doctors who recommended therapies and treatment plans that didn’t solve Carlos’ problem.

Still searching for a solution, Carlos made an appointment with Doctor Benj. At that point, Carlos’s condition has slightly worsened. He developed tendonitis, which, according to the doctors he previously saw, required surgery. Moreover, Carlos started experiencing pain in his lower back as well.

Doctor Benji carefully examined Carlos and recommended proceeding with infrared MLS laser therapy. Additionally, he placed Carlos on Nerve Assist vitamins and Freeze gel.

After four rounds of MLS Laser Therapy and six weeks of Nerve Assist treatment, Carlos returned to his pain-free life. He can work without restrictions, and he can move, walk, dance, and run with no pain in his ankle or heel.

After being thrilled with the results, Carlos agreed to share his experience with a lovely video during one of his follow-up appointments. Without any further ado, we share with you Carlos’s story.