Stem Cell Therapy helped Rod with his foot ligament tear

A ligament tear or rupture in the ankle joint is a common sports injury. It typically occurs with an ankle twist or roll. A torn ligament is often painful and causes swelling in the injured foot that makes walking difficult and painful.

Rod, an energetic and positive man, ruptured his ankle ligament, and he was experiencing extreme pain. He also had difficulty performing everyday activities. Rod was already in good physical shape due to his regular physical activity. However, he wasn’t able to much after the rupture. 


He visited Kings Point Foot and Ankle hoping to find a solution. He had an appointment with Dr. Benji and was immediately impressed by Dr. Benji’s skills and demeanor. 

After a detailed examination, Dr. Benji decided to proceed with Stem Cell therapy. 

“We did a trial run to see if he would respond to Stem Cell therapy, and we did a Stem Cells injection,” explained Dr. Benji in the video recorded during Rod’s follow up appointment.
foot ligament tear

In the video, Rod shared his exuberance with Dr. Benji’s treatment.

“Incredible! After four weeks in the boot, I had a little bit of tingling here and there. I stayed with Dr. Benji’s advice, and I just did what he said. After four weeks, I came back, and I felt a little bit better. Three weeks later, I’m blown away by how good my foot feels,” says Rod. 

After almost two months, Rod has started feeling his foot like it’s 100% again. While he was strictly following Dr. Benji’s advice, he also did a lot of pool therapy that significantly help his foot. 

We are excited to see Rod on his feet again. If you experience any issues with your feet or ankles, schedule an appointment with Dr. Benji right away.