The Bunion Surgery brought Luisa back in her favorite stilettos

Luisa is a lovely lady who had an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani because she needed a bunion surgery.

She has had a bunion for over ten years. As a bank manager, she has countless activities that require constant walking and standing, which only made the bunion more painful. After ten years of living with uncomfortable pain, Luisa decided to take care of the problem that stopped her from wearing her favorite shoes.

bunion surgery

When she visited Kings Point Foot & Ankle, Luisa was at a point where even wearing regular flats felt excruciating.

Bunion surgery was the only treatment perfectly suitable to solve Luisa’s problem. Since she felt comfortable with Dr. Tehrani’s expertise, Luisa accepted the recommendation to proceed with the bunion surgery.

Dr. Tehrani performed the bunionectomy, and Luisa was back to work within two weeks. Moreover, due to a family history of developing keloids on the skin, we also did plastic surgery closure of her skin. Luisa healed beautifully, and the result is spectacular.

Today, Luisa is back to wearing her favorite stilettos, and she experiences no pain or discomfort even at work.

Dr. Tehrani believes it’s essential for women who wear high heels at work to mix the lettuce with wedges since they provide more stability compared to stilettos.

In appreciation for the successful surgery, Luisa brought a gift to Dr. Tehrani: the cute surgery cap he is wearing in the photo they took together. 🙂