Video: Kathy gets her life back after the treatment for heel pain

Living with pain can be a struggling experience. Heel pain itself can severely impact one’s lifestyle and notably decrease the quality of life.

As an experienced pain relief expert, Doctor Benji always considers the patient’s unique needs before recommending the most suitable and effective treatment to address the pain successfully.

One of his recent patients had been experiencing heel pain for a while before her appointment with Doctor Benji. As an active person who enjoys longs walks and hiking, Kathy had to make a significant change in her life due to the unbearable heel pain. 


After a thorough examination, Doctor Benji presented Kathy with several treatment options, including cortisone injections, PRP, Amniox, or surgery.

Since physical therapy didn’t deliver the desired effect, Kathy decided to try another non-surgical treatment before choosing the surgery. 

Through an open and detailed discussion, Doctor Benji explained to Kathy that a CLARIX FLO injection could be the most effective treatment at the moment. CLARIX FLO is a therapy injection composed of the regenerative properties of amniotic tissue and umbilical cord. It promotes healing without evidence of scarring or damage.  

This revolutionary treatment harnesses the natural and safe power of the umbilical cord. Therefore, an injection of CLARIX FLO can control and significantly decrease pain and inflammation while promoting long-term tissue regeneration.

After the Amniox treatment with CLARIX FLO injection, Kathy wore a boot for two weeks to lessen the pressure on her foot. When the boot came off, she felt like she was returning to her pain-free life again.

“After the first day, I felt better. I wore a boot for two weeks to help take the pressure off. After two weeks, when the boot came off, I really felt like I can go back to my normal activities such as hiking and walking a lot,” said Kathy during her follow-up appointment. 

“In the past, if I did that when I’d woke up in the morning, I’d have a lot of heel pain, and I’d have trouble walking, especially first thing in the morning. Now I find that I can jump out of bed without any pain, and I’m really grateful for it,” she explained. 

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