Video: Nerve Assist Freeze Gel to the rescue for Brenda’s inflamed and swollen foot

Helping people live pain-free has always been Doctor Benji’s mission. Along with becoming a top podiatrist, Doctor Benji has dedicated his brain, skills, and time to creating a powerful nerve pain solution, Nerve Assist.

While Nerve Assist has become available to patients only recently, it has already proved helpful to people who suffer from pain caused by inflammation, chronic problems, or injury.

nerve assist
Brenda had recently experienced a life-changing moment when she started treating her inflamed ankle with the Nerve Assist Freeze Gel.

The Nerve Assist Freeze Gel helps reduce chronic pain, numbness, weakness, inflammation, tingling, and many other unpleasant conditions and sensations. With its cooling effect, the Freeze Gel is perfect for treating inflamed and swollen joints.

Brenda has been using the gel for her ankle, and her condition has been improving every day. During one of her appointments with Doctor Benji, she gladly agreed to share her experience with Nerve Assist. And we couldn’t be happier about it!


Hi, I’ve been using this cream and it’s been helping me a lot with my inflammation. Before, my foot was really swollen. I love this. Especially when it comes out of the refrigerator cold. It feels so awesome on my foot. The swelling has gone down.

Right now I have these glasses on because I’m doing the laser.
It’s been amazing, I feel so much better using the Nerve Assist capsules and this.