The Pain Relief Expert on Richard Listens Podcast

As a pain relief expert, Doctor Benjamin Tehrani is focused on sharing more tools and techniques for greater wellness.

He was recently a guest on the Richard Listens podcast where he explained what influenced his view on pain relief.

What led Doctor Benji to his passion for pain relief?

Doctor Benji’s passion for pain management began with his mother who developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy with him.

While gestational diabetes does not always lead to a chronic diagnosis, his mother, unfortunately, developed Type 2 diabetes.

It was during those appointments with his mother where Doctor Benji had his first glimpse into the world of podiatry. As a diabetic, his mom developed neuropathy which caused her to have tingling and numbness in her foot.

Watching her struggle was a push to learn more about her condition which eventually led him to the field of podiatry.

“That motivated me to be able to make an impact in the field, “ said Doctor Benji.

Doctor Benji also recalled the three-year foot and ankle reconstructive residency at a Level 1 trauma center attached to an Arizona burn center.

“In the clinics, there were all of these narcotics that helped mask the pain, but they still had the pain,” Doctor Benji explained.

Experiences like this led him to an interest in a more holistic approach to pain relief. Now, as a recognized pain relief expert, he knows that chronic pain can often be managed through diet, good sleeping habits, and exercise.

New approaches to pain relief with Nerve Assist

In the podcast, Doctor Benji also discussed his approach for pain relief, the all-natural Nerve Assist supplement. He also highlighted the MLS laser, which has uses that span across a wide range of use scenarios.

Led by his experience and knowledge, Doctor Benji believes that turning to solutions like these is always better than jumping into more invasive procedures.

“Not everything is surgery. It doesn’t have to be. We can try four or five things before we go in and elect to fix your foot.”

Listen to the full discussion here and learn more about how Doctor Benji is changing how people approach pain. For a consultation with our pain expert, contact us today!