Who What Wear: Dr. Tehrani’s top 5 comfortable footwear

Have you had it with uncomfortable shoe selections that leave your feet begging for relief at the end of the day? Is it even necessary anymore to subject yourself to pain and discomfort with so many footwear options in the market?

The truth is style is no longer synonymous with a heightened ouch factor. There are plenty of options that can combine fashion-forward consumerism with health-conscious habits. 

To help readers enjoy comfortable shoe wear, the fashion and beauty brand Who What Wear asked Dr. Benjamin Tehrani to give his expert advice on selecting footwear choices and rank them by the level of comfort.

Dr. Tehrani welcomed another opportunity to provide helpful insight to people searching for the next favorite pair of shoes. According to Dr. Tehrani, heels of every shape, size, and height can satisfy comfort levels.

Following is a list of shoes that Dr. Tehrani finds both comfortable and fashionable.


  • Sam Edelman Bay Cutout Slide Sandals ($100)

On the top of the list, Dr. Tehrani places a pair of Sam Edelman slides. His opinion paired nicely with an adjacent customer review, which mentioned the comfort of the shoes. The comfort may be due to inner soles made of either fiberglass or Kevlar, which increases comfort.

“Slides such as the ones by Sam Edelman have a firm, high-quality inner sole usually made of fiberglass or Kevlar for comfort,” says Dr. Tehrani.


  • Birkenstock Arizona Essentials Eva Sandals ($45)

Next up is a regular shoe featured on Dr. Benji’s past lists, Birkenstock slides. According to his experience, these slides boast incredible stability due to their structure. They are also incredibly lightweight, soft, and comfortable, creating a smooth experience for this everyday shoe’s wearers.

“Slides are super stable because they’re flat.”


  • Tory Burch Jessa Horse Hardware Loafer ($328)

Loafers are an excellent option for individuals who spend long periods on their feet and still need to maintain a professional appearance. While they are certainly a fashionable route to go for both in and out of office looks, more importantly, they allow natural circulation inside your shoes. Leather is a breathable material and prevents your feet from sweating and developing foot issues caused by sweating.

“Did you know leather breathes? This is great for leather shoes because the material lets air in to cool your feet and stop them from sweating and thus rubbing, which is what causes a lot of corns, calluses, and blisters on the feet. Leather is very durable.”


  • Dr. Martens Jadon Boots ($180)

No wardrobe is complete without a black staple boot. This pair proves that you can still add some height to your stature without compromising your feet’ health. An additional benefit is the durability of this brand. Dr. Tehrani has owned a pair for more than eight years!

“I’ve owned a pair of leather Dr. Martens boots for over eight years. Leather also prevents shearing, which is essentially the skin slipping on the inner sole when it’s a synthetic material, and this causes your foot to do more work while you walk and leads to faster foot fatigue.”


  • Steve Madden Bandi Platform Wedge Sandals $42

Wedges are the way to go, according to Dr. Benji. Due to wider contact with the foot, wedges provide increased support levels, which reduce your chances of misstepping in these shoes. They also spread pressure equally through your feet, which allows you to have better control.

“Wedges are excellent compared to stilettos because they have a wider base of contact, meaning more of your foot makes contact with the ground, which gives you more support and less chance to turn your ankle. Wedges support your arch, and they allow more of your foot to touch the surface area, giving you better control and taking the pressure off of your feet. They usually use slip-resistant outer soles like rubber or wood to increase stability and grip against the ground.”

If you’re looking for the next pair of shoes to enjoy your walks and days spent on your feet, choose shoes that you won’t avoid wearing. Comfortable shoes provide more opportunities to wear them. They also ensure that your feet remain healthy and injury-free. 

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If you have any questions about foot and ankle pain from uncomfortable footwear, schedule your consultation today with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, LA’s top-rated foot and ankle doctor.