Why Vitamin D supplementation is more important now than ever

During this horrifying pandemic, we must take every precaution to prevent our exposure to the coronavirus. Moreover, we must boost our immune system so that the body has the strength it needs to fight anything that can cause harm.


As a caring doctor who always strives to provide relevant information to the community, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani has closely followed the development of the COVID-19 situation. Additionally, he has been addressing the community to improve our understanding of COVID-19 and what we can do to guard ourselves against it.

While the information on treatment protocols for infected patients is essential, Dr. Benji also believes that educating people on prevention is equally important. 

In his last video, Dr. Benji talks about the first and most crucial step in this direction. According to Dr. Benji, boosting the immune system with Vitamin D is one of the best preventative measures. 

Vitamin D plays a significant role in preventing bacterial and viral infections. Fortunately, this specific vitamin is easy to consume since it’s present in plenty of foods that people consume regularly. According to Dr. Tehrany, tuna, mackerel, cheese, and orange juice are excellent sources of Vitamin D.

We need Vitamin D for an adequate immune response to every type of infection. Even before COVID-19 reared its head, studies confirmed Vitamin D as powerful protection in acute respiratory infections.

One meta-analysis from February 2017 published in the British Medical Journal, found a link between Vitamin D and acute respiratory infections. These infections can consist of fluid build-up in tiny sacs called alveoli, an inflammatory response that prevents the vital exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Vitamin D calms this inflammation and regenerates the lining of the epithelial lining barrier that protects against the virus getting into the lung cells.
As Dr. Tehrani suggests, this could be a great time to boost the intake of this powerful ally in immunity. 

We wish you continued health and wellness during this time. For any podiatric emergency, feel free to contact our office and schedule a Telemedicine appointment today!