Wrong Shoe Size? Doctor Benji Weighs In

It’s not hard to imagine that most people are probably wearing the wrong shoe size. In fact, according to industry research a staggering 3 in 5 people are actually walking around with ill-fitting shoes.

This could be due to outdated sizing systems that aren’t exactly synced across brands. In other cases, people find themselves in the wrong shoe size due to sheer convenience. Online shopping is more accessible than shopping in brick and mortar stores. Moreover, they are the best option in the middle of a pandemic. However, the one caveat may be ending up with shoes that do not fit as though they should.

wrong sized shoes

Even with lax return policies, some may resolve to keep the kicks that are slightly too small in an effort to ditch the hassle. While this may not seem like a tremendous deal in the moment, Doctor Benjamin Tehrani’s feature on Who What Wear says otherwise.

Doctor Benji was asked, once again, to offer his professional opinion as a top rated foot specialist. In the article, Doctor Benji explains why exactly buyers should beware of purchasing the wrong shoe size.

The Risks of Wearing the Wrong Shoe Size

“Shoes that don’t fit us properly can cause pressure points on the soles of our feet and this causes thickened painful skin lesions called calluses,” explains Doctor Benji.

On top of calluses, our feet can also be susceptible to corns. Corns are small circular layers of skin hardened over time by cramped shoe conditions. Both conditions are unsightly and may alter the shoes you can wear in the future.

So protect your feet now rather than have to fix them in the future. As a knowledgeable podiatrist, Doctor Benji is always happy to assist people on the journey towards healthier feet. Your journey may simply start with ensuring that you are not wearing the wrong shoe size.

Of course, if there is another foot condition that Doctor Benji can help you with, don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation at Kings Point Foot & Ankle!